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AliExpress Dropshipping 2019: Find the Best Products to sell

Struggling to find an at-home earnings opportunity with a proven-to-work business model? 

Ready to learn how you can launch your own work-from-home cash cow from the comfort of your own residence?

If so, grab your cup of coffee and prepare for a good read as we go over the step-by-step measures required to become a seasoned drop shipper (particularly, with Ali Express).

As a 15-year internet marketer, business owner, and solo entrepreneur, I?ve tried and tested a plethora of money-making strategies.  Now, you?ll be able to succeed from my experience through learning how to dropship like a PRO, and, how to find the RIGHT products to sell.

Dropshipping is one of the hottest at-home business trends of 2019, and for good reasons too! 

For one, as a drop shipper, you’re NOT required to keep products on-hand or in stock; ever. 

Rather, you will sell pre-selected products in your store (on your eCommerce website) and will pass your sales on to your supplier; whom of which will package and ship orders on your behalf to your customer(s).

Second, based on industry averages, you can expect to earn around 30% profit per sale.  In some cases, this could be lower, and in others, HIGHER.

To become a successful dropshipper there are initial steps to take:

  • Research the niche you want to work within
  • Find a trusted third-party supplier (speak to them review their AliExpress ?feedback?)
  • Choose products from the supplier to sell
  • Launch an eCommerce website and import your vendors? products
  • Promote your store using SEO & Social Media

These steps, when done right, will put you on track to becoming a sucessful drop shipper within a few weeks.

One of the significant factors that will influence the success of your dropshipping business will be the selection of products you choose to promote.

Ideally, the hand-selected products you choose to advertise will have high search volumes and low SERP competition.  I, personally, go for buyer-intent keywords with no less than 1,000 monthly searches

This write-up will teach you how to choose the best AliExpress products to promote and will give you great oversight on what to expect from operating a dropshipping business.

Based on my personal experience (from being in the dropshipping space for over ten years) it?s safe to say that I?ve learned a thing or two when it comes to determining which AliExpress product(s) are and aren?t worth promoting.

When conducting product research, there are many item characteristics to assess before deciding to give that product a thumbs-up.

Below, you?ll find ten techniques I used to discover profitable products to sell when I first went to start a dropshipping store in 2019.

Characteristics of a BEST SELLING Product

1. Good Profit Margin

First and foremost, you need to make sure the products you choose will yield worthwhile profit margins. Ideally, you will drop ship products with a 60%+ profit margin.

If you make the unadvised choice to promote products with a smaller margin or profit, your dropshipping success will come down to the ?quantity? of sales you can generate.

2. Market Research

Business, in general, can be volatile, but you want to give yourself the best chances possible of finding success with dropshipping. This is why it?s immensely important to understand your market and to confirm that there are ACTIVE buyers out there for your products.

You may choose good products to promote, but you need to ensure you?re diving into a market where prospects are need what you?re selling.

3. Produced By Quality Manufacturers

Not all product manufacturers and AliExpress wholesalers offer top-quality products.  Sometimes, items can be low-quality and not up to par which is why it?s vitally important to review the feedback received by the AliExpress vendor you?re considering.

Assess the reviews, see what others are saying about the ?quality? of received products, and use this information to select a vendor that you can trust to ship quality products to your customers.

4. Unique/Needed Products

Just as with ANY other retail or eCommerce business model, it?s success-critical to offer in-demand products that your potential customers will need. 

For ideas, you could research other Ecommerce stores within your niche to see if they have a ?Best Selling? category.  If they do, you can see which products are selling the most at which point you?ll want to inquire with your vendor or Aliexpress to see if similar products are available.

They may not be the SAME brand, but if the quality is decent and the price is right, you could drop ship these items at cheaper rates than your competitors and still save your customer money.

5. Easy To Ship

As we previously notated, drop shippers aren?t required to ship products themselves.  However, in some cases, depending on the supplier and their shipping policies, you may be required to cover the cost of the product in addition to shipment.

Because shipping fees impact the bottom line, inquire with your vendor to see if free shipping is offered to determine how you need to price your products. 

If you?re advertising ?Free Shipping? to your customers, bear in mind that it may not be free for you.

6. Affordable/Wholesale Products

In a majority of cases, you?ll be able to acquire products at what many consider to be a wholesale price.  I?ve been an AliExpress member for years, have ordered from countless vendors, and have done exceptionally well due to the incredible deals I?ve come across.

One of the biggest bits of help to dropshipping is the fact that we, as in ?you? and ?I?, have access to such a marketplace (AliExpress). 

Affordability, while relative, is something I always take into account.  Typically, when searching for a new product to dropship, I will review at least ten unique sellers to compare pricing and shipping options so I know I?m receiving the absolute best value possible.

Characteristics of the WORST Products to Dropship

1. Copyrighted Items

Copyrighted and/or branded items aren?t recommended dropshipping items.

Selling a replicated (such as a knockoff Rolex watch) or copyrighted product increases the rate in which you?ll experience difficulties with clients (and the law).

Just one single negative feedback can be damaging to the face of your business, so you want to avoid selling replicated items and/or products that are copyrighted by corporate entities.

Selling copyrighted or replicated items also makes it increasingly more difficult to reach buyers.  Such items are usually prohibited on social media platforms (which limits your marketing and outreach).

2. Potentially Harming

There are import laws that govern which products can and can?t be brought in to the states.  Possibly harmful or toxic products could be seized by customs and never delivered to your customer (resulting in a refund).

In the dropshipping business, because the vendor is the one responsible for shipping, it can become quite messy if the customer doesn?t receive the product and requires a refund.  One sure-fire way of avoiding this is to sell products that in no could be deemed as harmful.

3. Heavy Items

While shipping fees are typically incurred and added on for all international-shipped orders, you don?t want this cost to increase any higher than it needs to.

This is why it?s essential to keep the weight of the products you?re selling in mind as the heavier the shipping weight, obviously, the higher the shipping cost will be.

Keep this in mind as you?re choosing your products and pricing your eCommerce catalog (because these shipping costs will come out of your pocket if customers are receiving cost-free shipping).

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What Is Dropshipping ? The Truth About Dropshipping In 2019

Dropshipping is a supply-chain business model in which dropshippers act as middle-men by selling products without owning the stock/inventory. Upon receiving money from customers, merchants redirect the money to wholesalers who then ship directly to your customers. This way merchants can make huge retail margins, as much as 1000% of the wholesale price depending on the niche. For example, if a phone case costs $1 on a wholesale price, and it retails for $11 in the dropshipping store ? the dropshipper can make a 1000% price markup on each sale. The dropshipper only instructs a wholesaler to ship to their customer, they never package or ship products themselves. As of 2019, more than 30% of all online orders are fulfilled via dropshipping.

The Benefits Of Dropshipping

  • Location-independent: Merchants can process orders regardless of location, as they never have to touch the product themselves.
  • Low investment/start-up cost: Merchants don?t need large start-up capital, because they only spend money after the customers pay for orders (retail price + shipping cost). They only start-up cost is the cost of the dropshipping store and the advertising budget.
  • High-growth potential: Price markups starting at 100%, with some up to 1000%.
  • Easy access to products: Thousands of niche markets and millions of items available for sale.

The Dropshipping Chain

  • The Customer: The person who orders a product from a dropshipping store.
  • The Wholesaler: The person who ships a product to a customer.
  • The Dropshipper: The middle-man who connects the customer to the wholesaler (you).

The wholesaler is the key component ? he handles everything for a droppshipper: the packaging, the shipping, even the returns and inbound shipments. Your sole responsibility as a dropshipper is to drive customers to a dropshipping store and convert them.

There are two prices in each dropshipping transaction: the original wholesale price and the retail price. The wholesale price is the price the merchant pays for the original product (usually sourced from a factory in China via Aliexpress); and the retail price is the price the end-customer pays for, usually in a developed economy such as the USA, European Union, Canada, etc. Millions of items can be sold using Chinese-based directories like Aliexpress where dropshippers can find niche products at original prices.

How Dropshipping Works ? 4 Steps Funnel

The funnel works on the following 4-step principle: Customer Buys From Dropshipping Store > Dropshipper Redirects The Funds To The Wholesaler > Wholesalers Ships To Customer > Repeat.

This funnel can be leveraged, repeated and scaled in thousands of niche markets using products that are available at much cheaper prices in manufacturing countries, and re-selling them online to Western markets that pay as much as 10x of the original value of the product. The merchant is never in touch with the inventory and the wholesaler handles the stock: packaging, shipping, customer service, etc. It allows merchants to make huge profit margins regardless of location and without holding inventory, by only spending money on marketing. The dropshipper only pays for marketing such as Instagram/Facebook ads and acts as a middleman connecting the product to the customer.

Downsides To Dropshipping

The downside to dropshipping is that it requires a marketing budget? Ads on Facebook and Instagram are getting increasingly more expensive (especially in high-income counties such as the US, UK, Germany, where clicks cost more) and rich dropshippers with unlimited budgets can outbid novice dropshippers for popular dropshipping markets, effectively increasing ad costs. Dropshippers have to have a marketing budget or a smart marketing strategy in order to create an edge. What?s more, dropshippers have to identify niches and find profit margins that can align with their marketing budget, in order to secure ROI.

Making Sales On A Dropshipping Store

The main answer across the board is the sale: Build trust. If a customer trusts your dropshipping store, they will be more inclined to purchase regardless of your marketing strategy. Most dropshippers think the marketing strategy is the most important, but overlook the quality and trustworthiness aspect of their website. The way to test is to ask yourself ? would you buy from your own Dropshipping store if you were a customer?

Take a look at your store and put yourself in the shoes of the customer. Is something bothering you, such as lack of information about Payment Methods? Do you want to know the shipping time/cost? Are you concerned about credit card security? If you feel something?s wrong, make the change and prospects will be more inclined to buy from you.

Scaling A Dropshipping Store

To scale a Dropshipping store, a dropshipper needs to gradually increase the marketing budget. If the marketing budget is set to $100 per day and the dropshipper makes $200 in sales, the droppshipper only needs to start spending $200 per day on advertising to double their revenue.

Most stores are ?scaled? until the profit revenue/demand for that niche is capped. If the store receives organic traffic such as through SEO/content marketing, the dropshipper could scale the store by simply increasing the product range as this will increase the number of orders coming through. Scaling is done proportionally and can take months at a time, as a result of many transaction fees and waiting times between the transactions from your customers to the wholesales and the volatility of the ad costs. If a dropshipper on Instagram/Facebook starts experimenting with target audiences and formats, this might burn their budget until they discover a high-converting strategy.